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Striped Bass Fishing entails angling for recreational or competitive purposes. In other words, you do it for fun rather than for food or survival. This can include saltwater sport fishing or freshwater sport fishing.

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Bass Fishing for Beginners

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There are a number of fish species which share the name Bass including both marine and freshwater species. They are perch-like apparently, which is why they are called bass – the term derived from the word bars meaning “perch” in Middle English. Popular types include Black Basses, Temperate Basses, and Asian Sea basses. Some common species are Guadalupe Bass, Spotted Bass, Striped Bass, White Bass, Choctaw Bass, and Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass. Our tips are focused on the largemouth bass, which is the most sought after fish, by the anglers.

In North America, largemouth bass fishing is the most popular fishing game. Some species of black bass are known to be the top predators but are mostly prey upon earlier in life by the bigger fish and other sea animals. Apparently, largemouth bass is distinct and very well differentiated from others in its color being olive green with a dark and jagged strip which are placed horizontally along every flank. 16 years is their maximum life expectancy and they can grow up to the maximum of 29.5 inches in length and 22 pounds in weight. They feed on crawfish, insects, baitfish, shrimp, snakes and other smaller fish. They are capable of capturing a prey up to 50% bigger in size.

Tips and Techniques for Bass Fishing

  • Get to know the Bass habits – Weather dictates the actual location of brass at any given moment. On the bright sunny day, brass looks for a hideout and when the weather is cloudy brass gets out of its protective shelter. So whenever the day is hot and sunny adjust your live bait or lure to areas closer to the shelter.
  • Use Buzzbait – A loud buzz noise attracts basses from faraway distances and tricks them into the lure.
  • Choose the Right Time – Golden hours for bass fishing are the earliest hours of the dawn and the last few hours before dusk.
  • Most Apt Time for Fishing is Pre-Spawn During spring when the water temperature ranges between 55 to 65, both male and female bass fish come nearest to the shore, which is the best time for anglers to win the bass trophy.
  • Check out the Bass Feed – Once you get bass caught; examine its mouth to look for the contents it is eating. In you struggle to open its mouth; the bass would vomit its stomach out. Next time when you go on the bass hunt, you can always lure the local bass with that exact food and can use it as bait.

The Biggest Fish to Catch

Fishing can offer all sorts of fun to people of all ages. However, what every angler does dream of, or even non-angler is being able to live the dream of bagging just that one biggest fish to catch for themselves. If they could only do it once, it would prove two things, and these things are that they are a great fisherman or fisherwoman. They are also good at making their dream come true. With all this said, one can only wonder to his or her self, what are the biggest fish to catch for those want to try? Please read on to learn more. You will be very glad that you did. Simple as that.

These are some of the biggest fish to catch out there. They may only be caught once or twice in life. Just how many times they are caught is dependent on the specific angler or non-angler and how many times they want to try to catch these kind of awesome fish that would do anyone proud as his or her catch. They are:

1.Tarpon – (The Almighty)

The Tarpon is regarded as being among the greatest of all fighters in the waters. They are a type of special fish that many an angler or non-angler would like to catch for themselves personally. They are one of the oldest species of fish on the planet. Some do call them prehistoric in description. They have been roaming the waters far longer than manking has been walking around on earth. Giant Tarpons can get as big as 6.6 feet in length and can weigh in at about 200 pounds. These monster Tarpon do drive anglers/non-anglers from the Caribbean to West Africa to hunt these amazing biggest fish to catch.

2. The Golden Mahseer – (Truly Golden)

The Golden Mahseer is one prized fish for a number of reasons. Not only is it looked on as being a mystical type of fish, but it is also one fish, which would defintiely qualify as being the “one-life” catch that any angler or non-angler would love to try to hook on their fishing line. The Golden Mahseer is seen as being such a prized catch for a lot of facts. First of all, it is considered to be a legendary fish in its own way, and it resides in a mythical part of the world. What is this mythical part of the world? It is no other than the Northern part of India and right below the majestic Himalayan mountain range. One of the current records for the catching of a Golden Mahseer did weigh in at 27 pounds.

3. Permit – (The right biggest fish to permit you to try to catch it)

The Permit is without a doubt one of the most cool of all, of the biggest fish to catch, and that is because it is every inch fascinating. Why is the Permit fascinating? The answer lies within its very huge and humanlike eyes. It is also a species of fish that has a unique fin that is shaped like a scythe. The Permit is definitely a prized fish to all anglers and non-anglers alike. They are also very smart and strong fish as well. They can range from 10 to 20 pounds in weight and do make the list as being a top biggest fish to catch.